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Album Review: Walkman by Bad Bad Hats

Via Girly Action Media

Hometown heroes Bad Bad Hats released their new album Walkman on Don Giovanni records this week. Bad Bad Hats who are no rookies to the game have been honing their craft for nearly a decade as a band and really found their sound on Walkman.

Few things in life scratch that brain itch like Midwest indie music more specifically, Minneapolis indie music. Bad Bad Hats have taken these roots and grown, then pruned and grafted branches to extend all over. Touring with big names like Third Eye Blind and The Front Bottoms, it was only a matter of time until the trio would drop an absolute banger of a project like this one. Cohesive with the sounds and themes through from track to track exploring different facets of the genre, Walkman is something special. A perfect album for the upcoming season. Walking to the train stop on a crisp Autumn morning is about to get so much sweeter.

Highlights include: Milky way, Always on Time

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