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Yumi Zouma Live In St. Paul

New Zealand alternative pop band, Yumi Zouma took the stage at the intimate Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota on Friday night.

The band is comprised of Christie Simpson (vocals, keyboard), Josh Burgess (guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals), Olivia Campion (drums), and Charlie Ryder (guitar, keyboard, bass). The band has played together for many years and in 2014 released two EPs. Following in 2016 was the band's debut album, Yoncalla. A few albums and EP's followed and in 2020, the band released their third album, Truth or Consequences after being signed to their labels, Inertia Music and Polyvinyl Record Co. Most recently, in 2022 the band released their fourth album, Present Tense and it is their best album yet.

From the moment Yumi Zouma took the stage at the Turf Club the crowd was drawn in to their soothing dreamy pop tunes. Their music is almost hypnotic with it's dreamy sound and wistful lyrics. Highlights of the night include the performance of "Depths (Part 1)", "Astral Projection", "Cool For a Second", and the popular "In Camera."

It wouldn't come as a surprise if next time Yumi Zouma makes their way through the Twin Cities if they are headlining a much larger room and putting on their unforgettable show for many to experience. Overall, through their music, Yumi Zouma creates a whirlwind of emotions from the first song to the last and its something that every music lover should experience.

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