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Flor Live In St. Paul

Flor took the stage at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall with their smooth and contagious tracks, including "Every Night" and the well loved "heart." From the first note to the last flor gave St. Paul an evening full of dreamy tunes.

I've had the chance to see flor perform a few times over the years, and they keep getting better and better, and their confidence on stage just completely shines.

This past May, the band released their third full-length album, Future Shine. Honestly, it may just be their best album yet, packed full of infectious tracks. Flor is currently in the middle of their North America "Future Shine Tour" with support from The Wldlfe and good problem.

Highlights of the night include the performance of "Skate," "lmho," and "24." The crowd went crazy for some of the band's tracks from previous albums including, "back again," "hold on," and "warm blood." The 2017 track "overbehind" also had fans jumping around and singing along.

Flor wrapped up the night with two high-energy tracks from their recent album, "Play Along" and "Gotta Do Something." There wasn't a better way to end the evening. Overall, flor put on an amazing show and gave their St. Paul fans a night they will remember and cherish for quite some time.

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