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Jonah Kagen Live in minneapolis

Jonah Kagen is opening for Maisie Peters on her sold-out North American tour this spring and he started the tour off with a bang in Minneapolis for his first live show ever.

Jonah has been playing music since he was young and in the past few years has grown a following after sharing his music with the world. His debut single, "Broken" blew up on TikTok and it was well deserved. The acoustic production of the track is beautiful and his raw vocals you can't help but fall in love with and keep playing on repeat.

Jonah's vocals are dreamy and heartfelt and his gentle folk song-writing is exceptional. The song that started it all for him was "Broken," and hearing it performed live was so special.

Jonah performed a few unreleased tracks which was fun to experience. The standout moments of his set were when he performed "Stuck in New York," "Turbulence," and of course his lunar-inspired love song, "Moon."

Overall, Jonah Kagen put on a spectacular set on the first night of tour with Maisie Peters in Minneapolis. This is only the beginning for Jonah and he is going to do big things, we know it.

Photos from the show:

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