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Conan Gray live in minneapolis

Singer-Songwriter Conan Gray took the stage at The Armory in Minneapolis on Thursday night with style. Not only was his outfit spectacular, but he emerged illuminated on top of a wall. Screams erupted, and fans sang along to the anti-party tune, "I Wish You Were Sober."

Following was his 2021 single "Telepath" and "Comfort Crowd," the opening track to his 2020 album, 'Kid Krow.' Throughout the entire show, Conan did a great job at mixing up tracks from various albums. This tour was originally supposed to take place in early 2020, but like many was postponed so it only makes sense for there to be a mix of tunes. The crowd who have waited well over two years for the show appeared to be pleased as they didn't miss singing along to a single lyric.

Conan has gained a well-deserved following over the past few years. He may have just recently broken into the music scene, but you wouldn't know it. He appears poised, confident, and his pure talent lights up an entire arena. His music displays signs of a pro, and somehow this is only the beginning.

Conan has said that he writes many of his songs in his bedroom with his guitar. He even brought that bedroom to Minneapolis with him as about halfway through the screen onstage opened to a recreation of it.

Highlights of the night include the performance of "Astronomy," "Checkmate," "Lookalike," and the vulnerable "People Watching." Conan also played his latest single, "Jigsaw," the fourth pre-release single of his upcoming sophomore album.

Conan wrapped up the night with two of his popular tracks, "Maniac" and "Heather." There couldn't have been a better ending to the night full of heartfelt and honest music. The energy in the Armory was infectious.

Overall, Conan Gray gave Minneapolis an unforgettable evening. Seeing his growth over the past few years has been so much fun, and it's only the beginning. With his talent, irresistible humor, and glowing personality it's impossible not to love him.

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