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Yam Haus in St. Paul

After well over a year and a half postpone on their St. Paul show at the Palace Theatre, Minnesota-based indie-pop band Yam Haus finally took the stage for their last show of the year. The band had recently wrapped up a North American tour with Blue October, and MN fans eagerly waited for the band's return to their hometown.

The 'Yam' in Yam Haus stands for "You are me." The band has said that it's their take on treating people well and with empathy, and at their shows they want everyone to feel welcome. They do just that.

From the moment they took the stage, the energy was unmatchable and the crowd sang along to the lyrics they've gotten to know so well. "I hope you guys have dreams and things you are excited about and love because this is ours," said lead-singer Lars Pruitt.

Overall, Yam Haus put on one incredible show. It may have been their biggest headlining show yet, but it can only go up from here. This is only the beginning for Yam Haus.

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