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Wallows Live In St. Paul

On Wednesday night, Los Angeles-based alternative pop-rock band, Wallows brought their "Tell Me That It's Over Tour" to St. Paul, MN. From the moment they took the stage at the Palace Theater with "Hard To Believe" and "Remember When," the crowd was in awe and ready for a night full of fun and infectious tunes.

Wallows is composed of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston. The band has been making waves in the music scene for a few years since they released tracks independently in 2017, including the well-loved "Pleaser." Shortly after, in 2018, the band signed to Atlantic Records and released their label debut EP, "Spring," following with their debut studio album, "Nothing Happens," in 2019.

The energy the band brought to the stage was infectious, and they moved fairly quickly through their set, allowing them to play as many tracks as possible. Fans seemed to love it as songs flowed from one to the next. One special moment was the transition between "Especially You" and "Pleaser," as the two blend together perfectly.

Highlights of the night include the performance of "OK," "Scrawny," and the hit from their 2019 album, "Treacherous Doctor." Of course, one of the final songs of the night, "Are You Bored Yet?" was a crowd-pleaser. Overall, Wallows puts on an unforgettable show. The 3-piece Los Angeles pop-rock band will only keep moving up from here, as they should.

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