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Valley Live In Minneapolis

Indie pop band, Valley brought the last night of their "I'll Be With You Tour" to Minneapolis on Wednesday night. Fans lined up eagerly outside the venue for hours anticipating the fun night ahead.

Opening for Valley was singer-songwriter Catie Turner. She is literal sunshine and comes across instantly as just one of the sweetest people. Throughout her entire set her personality shined as she giggled and sang her heart out. She even did a cover of Harry Styles' "Adore You" and Styles himself even appeared on stage...or an adorable cardboard cutout of him! Overall, Catie Turner is full of personality and immense talent. Her songwriting is personal, yet relatable and her vocals are beautiful.

From the moment Valley took the stage with "Last Birthday" the crowd went wild. Following was "Nevermind" and "Tempo" which just three songs in had the energy in the sold-out 7th Street Entry at an insane level. Fans danced and screamed along to every lyric with awe sparkling in their eyes.

Valley performed many songs from their 2021/2022 album, "Last Birthday," but they also threw in a few tracks from their 2019 album, "MAYBE" and their 2016 album, "This Room Is White."

Highlights of the night include the performance of "Oh Shit...are we in love?," "A Phone Call in Amsterdam," "Park Bench," and "SOCIETY." The band also performed "Swim" and that song is just so dang good.

Being the last night of tour the Valley crew surprised the band on stage with some cake. It ended up covering all of their faces before they performed their last song of the night, "homebody." It was definitely a fun way to end an unforgettable night.

The band came back on stage for a 2-song encore which included "There's Still a Light in the House" and their well-loved song, "Like 1999." Overall, Valley puts on one heck of a show and this is only the beginning for them. It wouldn't come as a surprise if the next time they come through Minnesota they are playing a sold-out crowd next door in the First Avenue Mainroom.

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