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Track by Track Review of The 1975's "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships"

The 1975 released their 3rd studio album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships on November 30th and the world is still buzzing about it. The 15-track album is full of tracks that are different in sound, style, and meaning. However, they all still manage to come together to form a beautiful work of art that forces you to take a deeper look at the world. The album is produced almost entirely by band members, Matty Healy and George Daniel which makes it even cooler (if that's even possible).

1. The 1975

Since their debut album, The 1975 has opened their album with a track titled, "The 1975." Each album has a new rendition of the track which reflects the sound/mood of the album. The so-called new "era" or "sound" of The 1975. The way that the band reimagined the track for this album definitely did not disappoint. It is beautiful.

2. Give Yourself A Try

"Give Yourself A Try" was released on the first of June which has basically become a holiday for The 1975 fans out there. It is the album's lead single and has an epic guitar riff which sounds a lot like the one in Joy Division's "Disorder."


"TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME" is a bop! It was released in August as another single for the album. The music video was a huge success as it features multiple fans of The 1975. The track has a very pop sound and is very catchy and will definitely be stuck in your head for days. I can only imagine how wild people will get when this song is played live!

4. How To Draw / Petrichor

This is one of the tracks on the album that makes me want to get up and dance despite there being few words. It is so fun sounding and beautiful. Once you hit 2:50 it pops off and you can't help but get up and move around to it. The 1975 sure know how to make a great interlude.

5. Love It If We Made It

This track is going to absolutely be mental when played live. It was released in July as the band's second single for the album. The track is another bop, yet it is also important as it is very socially conscious. It is evident that Healy gives everything that he has in this song and I am sure that won't change when played live.

6. Be My Mistake

"Be My Mistake" is a soft ballad that really pulls on your emotions. It feels very relatable as it expresses how making mistakes sucks and makes you feel guilty, but mistakes are normal and are learning experiences.

7. Sincerity Is Scary

"Sincerity Is Scary" is another track that is just raw and beautiful. There is meaning behind every lyric and when paired with the music it really expresses the shortage of sincerity in today's society. Also, the trumpets that lead into Healy's vocals sound great.

8. I Like America & America Likes Me

This is personally one of my favorite tracks on the album. It has an evident auto-tune effect which really does turn Healy's voice into an instrument. It has a chaotic sound to it which I think definitely reflects America during this time. This will be another track that will sound incredible live.

9. The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme

This track is spoken by Siri. It tells a story about a lonely man who fell in love with the internet. It is a great addition to the album and really ties everything together.

10. Inside Your Mind

"Inside Your Mind" is a masterpiece of a song. The piano is beautiful and when paired with Healy's vocals literally gives me chills. The song reflects the feeling of wanting to know what somebody close to you (like a lover) is thinking.

11. It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)

This track to me sounds a lot like the 1975's older music, especially with the guitar. The lyrics express both heartbreak and addiction. This will for sure be a track that will get the crowd jumping around at the band's live shows.

12. Surrounded By Heads And Bodies

"Surrounded By Heads And Bodies" is another slow track. In an interview, Healy mentioned that it was written during his time in rehab where he met a woman named Angela who he felt a real connection and an empathy with. The track also includes lines from a book called, "Infinite Jest" which Healy mentioned that he read while in rehab. The title of the track also comes from the book.

13. Mine

"Mine" is a track that sounds a lot more jazz than any others on the album. Somehow while you listen it makes you just feel in love with everything.

14. I Couldn't Be More In Love

This track is full of intense vocals which really pulls you into the song and makes you believe in the lyrics. The track also has an awesome guitar solo which you can't ever complain about. In an interview with Genius Healy mentions that the song is about the fan base which is so heartwarming.

15. I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

"I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)" is the final track on the album and is quite special. It has a pop and cinematic feel to it. The strings in the track are also great. It seems to be a track that has lyrics that are relatable to many and hits you deep in the feels.

Overall, The 1975 have yet again given us another masterpiece of an album. The band's fourth studio album, Notes on a Conditional Form is expected to be released on May 31, 2019, and it'll be interesting to see how it compares to the greatness of this one.

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