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The Lumineers Live in St. Paul

Updated: May 31

It was just a few songs into the night when I thought, "how does somebody even review this show? The Lumineers are so dang talented." From the moment they came on stage with "BRIGHTSIDE," "Cleopatra," and the well-loved "Ho Hey," the crowd's energy was contagious.

The night wasn't just full of incredible tunes, but the show was exciting.

The stage lighting was beautiful, the instruments were perfect, and the lead singer, Wesley Schultz's vocals were even more impressive live.

The Lumineers take you on a journey through their lyrics, and the storytelling is even more prominent during their live show. The band's stripped-back raw sound is hard not to love. They somehow manage to sound quiet yet powerful at the same time.

Highlights of the night include the performance of "A.M. RADIO," "Ophelia," and "Sleep on the Floor." Another fan-favorite of the night was when they played "Flowers In Your Hair," the opening track to their debut self-titled album, and their stripped-down cover of Tom Petty's "Walls."

The Lumineers were St. Paul's "Brightside" on Friday night. It was well worth the 3-year wait.

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