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MUNA: Live In Chicago

Muna played an electrifying show at Salt Shed lovingly calling it the Queer Neurodivergent Convention for front person, Katie Gavin's homecoming show. Made very clear that Gavin is actually from a Chicago suburb, the crowd welcomed them anyway. During the set, the audience got a peek into the inner workings of the band, sharing that Muna has been together for a long time. The feeling of growing up together, learning with each other, and going from small rooms to headlining and packing 3,000+ capacity rooms is like nothing else. They acknowledged that there were many great shows happening that night but 3,000+ people chose to spend it with Muna. The band is so gracious to the fans but also to the staff and event people who put on shows. They shouted out their openers, Nova Twins, their photographers, and their team. The energy was absolutely unmatched. Muna are truly champions on their trade. Katie Gavin on vox delivered with that and the dance moves to match. Naomi McPherson on keys, back up vocals, and guitar plays so many roles and holds it together. Josette Maskin on guitar brings the energy at 120% running from side to side, jumping, pumping up the crowd. The chemistry between the band meshes incredibly and that's what rock and roll is allllllllll about.

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