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Meet Restless Road, Your New Favorite Country Music Band

Photo Credit: Angelea Presti

Country music band, Restless Road hasn't had the easiest time making their way into the music scene. With their hard work, dedication, and patience they've finally made their way and it is so well-deserved.

Restless Road is comprised of band members Zach Beeken, Colton Pack, and Garrett Nichols and together have been racking up millions of streams with their intimate songwriting and dreamy vocals. The trio released their self-titled 4-track EP in early 2020, which really showcased the band's new life and was the start to their current journey up the charts. The band has since released multiple singles including the energetic and catchy "Bar Friends," the emotional"Headlights," and the romantic "Hometown Tonight."

Most recently, the band has released the single, "Growing Old With You." Not only is the tune full of love and the perfect first-dance song for a wedding, but it is a definite fan favorite for the band to play on their upcoming first-ever headlining tour. "Growing Old With You" is also Restless Road's first official radio single.

Lately had the chance to ask the members of Restless Road a few questions:

Lately: What inspires your music?

Colton: "Real life experiences. Whether that’s experiences I’ve had or experiences our co-writers have had."

Zach: "We are inspired by the fact that all three of us have different voices and were brought up in different places around the country. Everybody brings their own perspective & background to our songwriting and their own unique voice to our vocal blend."

Garrett: "Our music is inspired by the friendship and experiences that we share together! We are always talking about how our lives are so different, yet so similar. It’s amazing having two other guys to talk through things with and a lot of creativity comes out while doing that."

Lately: In January you released the single, “Growing Old With You.” Can you talk a bit about the process of creating it?

Colton: "This was a song that we actually didn’t write. We had this song sent to us but it was a song that as soon as we heard it we immediately connected to."

Zach: "We knew this song had the potential to become a classic wedding and love anthem so we wanted to make sure it felt like something you could walk down the aisle to. We wanted this song to heavily feature the piano and to be complemented by one of our favorite instruments: the fiddle. The rest of the song we wanted our harmony to shine through and draw people into the powerful lyrics."

Garrett: "Growing Old With You" was a song we knew was special since we first heard it. Taking that song into the studio was such a fun process because the song is so relatable and romantic. Adding things like strings and fiddles really made it come to life and gave it that first dance vibe."

Lately: Which songs have you had on repeat lately?

Colton: "'Til You Can’t" by Cody Johnson and 'Don’t Think Jesus" by Morgan Wallen."

Zach: "I’ve been listening back through some albums that inspired me to start singing such as Chris Young’s “Neon” and Josh Turner's “Haywire.”'

Garrett: "Cody Johnson's, "Til’ You Can’t."'

Lately: If you could play only one of your songs to somebody who’s never heard your music before which would you choose and why?

Colton: "'It Ain’t Easy" because it really showcases our harmonies and the story that it tells is so true not just for us but for anyone."

Zach: "It’s tough for me to pick from "Bar Friends" and "Growing Old With You." They are on opposite spectrums as far as how they sound but they both have lyrics and harmonies that represent our sound."

Garrett: "I would play someone who hasn’t heard our music before “It Ain’t Easy.” I’d play that song because it covers everything in life that sounds easy but actually is pretty difficult to do. I’ve personally heard fans say that song has gotten them through some pretty tough times. I think a lot of people can relate to the message."

Lately: What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? What hobbies do you turn to in order to energize your creativity? Colton: "I love to fish and hunt, but outside of that I have two daughters so anytime I get to spend with them and my wife is a really nice way to reset."

Zach: "Going out to the bar with friends, conversations on the front porch, family time, reality tv and road trips have inspired songs."

Garrett: "I love graphic design and visuals. I spend a lot of my free time working on fun logos, or editing photos because it really makes me feel productive and sparks my creativity when I’m not doing music!"

Lately: What is your favorite part about touring?

Colton: "Getting to see so many cities and visit places I probably would have never gotten to go to."

Zach: "100% getting to meet all the fans in person that have been supporting us, especially after the last couple years when it hasn’t been possible to do so."

Garrett: "Getting to visit cool new cities I’ve never been to and meeting so many amazing people from different walks of life!"

Lately: What are you currently working on?

Colton: "We are currently cutting a bunch of brand new songs and a lot of touring!"

Zach: "When we aren’t on the road we are in the studio in Nashville working towards our debut album. We have so many songs we have written that we can’t wait to share."

Garrett: "We are working on writing/recording the best music we possibly can, and hopefully releasing it to the world very soon!"

Restless Road is soon heading out on their first headlining tour. See if they are coming to a city near you!

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