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Lucy Dacus Live in Chicago

Most folks who work in music are here because they love it more than life. Especially after a year of waiting on radio silence for the possibility of getting back to doing what we love. While we're still transitioning back to live music, and the pandemic is still a very real threat, we're learning how to come back in the safest way possible. After postponing the Iowa City, St. Paul, and first night of Chicago, Lucy Dacus was able to put on her show at The Vic in Chicago on October 11th and Chicago was so ready to welcome her back. Playing her first show without her guitarist, Jacob Blizard, she stated meant they had to do things a little differently bringing on touring members of Bartees Strange to fill in the lead guitar part. Changing up the setlist and playing a sweet Regina Spektor cover, I think the audience was just grateful to see Dacus perform.

Dacus did a fantastic job bouncing back into the swing of shows. She is someone who loves her craft and that is reflected in her stage presence.

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