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Louis Tomlinson Live in Minneapolis

It was no surprise to find Louis Tomlinson fans queuing for hours amidst snow and 1° weather eagerly awaiting the doors of the Fillmore to open in Minneapolis, MN. If you know anything about the 1D fandom, you know just how hard they go and it hasn't changed a bit since the boys began their solo careers. Honestly, I don't blame them.

From the moment the doors opened fans wearing a mix of throwback 1D t-shirts and hip and trendy outfits piled into the venue to finally see the show they've waited years for after two rescheduled dates.

"I am so proud of him," said a fan in the crowd moments before he took the stage with "We Made It" and honestly, there couldn't have been a better track to start the night off.

With a room packed full of not just Louis, but One Direction fans it only made sense that he would play a few One Direction tracks. It didn't take long as the 2nd song of the night was one of the many 1D anthems, "Drag Me Down." As you can guess, the crowd went wild.

Following was the hopeful tune, "Don't Let It Break Your Heart," the 4th single from his debut album, Walls. At this point, just three songs into the night the energy in the sold-out venue was unmatchable.

Other highlights of the night include "Always You," "Habit," and "Defenceless." Louis also covered "7," a Catfish and the Bottlemen song, and "Little Black Dress," another 1D favorite.

Louis closed the night with an encore including "Only The Brave" and "Kill My Mind," two of his popular tracks. In between, he added in "Through The Dark," one last 1D cover to end the night with a bang.

"The best part about this fandom is that at every single show I feel like a superhero up here," said Tomlinson. And to his fans, he definitely is one.

Overall, Louis Tomlinson put on an unforgettable sold-out show in Minneapolis. He seems so happy on stage and so proud, as he should.

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