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Good Morning live in Minneapolis

Melbourne duo, Good Morning took the stage at the intimate 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis on Monday night.

Good Morning is comprised of the talented Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair. In 2014 they made their debut with the release of their album, "Shawcross." Since then they've been releasing music that hops between genres, yet still somehow managing to keep the Good Morning sound and feel alive.

In 2021 the band released their most recent album, "Barnyard," which showcases the duo's personal and memorable songwriting and their stylized guitars and relaxed, dreamy vocals. The band performed multiple tracks from the album in Minneapolis, many of which were crowd-pleasers. Good Morning's set included tracks from albums both new and old, and when performed together, created something quite special. It gave fans a bit of everything.

Highlights of the night were the performance of the band's most-streamed track, "Warned You," and one of their recent 2022 releases, "Out To Pasture."

Overall, Good Morning puts on an incredible show. With their warm stage presence, unique and intimate sound, and evident passion for music it's hard not to love them.

Get to know Good Morning a bit more by checking out our Q/A interview with them below!

Lately: "What inspires your music?"

GM: Living, laughing and loving.

Lately: "In 2021 you released your album, Barnyard. Can you talk a bit about the process of creating the album?"

GM: We did! We made that one in Chicago at the end of 2019. We had 5 days in a real studio, which was a first for us. We also worked with a real engineer (thanks Tom) for the first time, which was a real treat too.

Lately: "You recently released two new songs, “Out To Pasture” and “Misery.” Why did you decide to release the two together despite the moods of the two tracks being very different?"

GM: Often when we make two-tracks, it’ll just be two songs that we’re working on at a specific time. Production-wise I feel like they’re on a similar tip, but maybe I’m too close to them also. Sometimes things just feel like they go together ya know?

Lately: "Which songs have you had on repeat lately?"

GM: I really like that passion babe song off the new aldous harding record. Hardy’s classic track a rock has also been getting a few too many spins in the van which is awesome.

Lately: "If you could play only one of your songs to somebody who has never heard your music before, which would you choose and why?"

GM: Probably one of the ones we’ve been working on recently, maybe one called the worm turned. Mostly because it doesn’t really sound like good morning which I like.

Lately: "What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? (What hobbies do you turn to in order to energize your creativity)."

GM: I really like to read - I dunno if it helps in anyway musically, but it makes me happy. I suppose anything that helps you get through your day to day in some way feeds into the other facets of your life.

Lately: "How does it feel being able to be back on the road touring? How have your shows been so far on the US leg?"

GM: It’s good!! Feels weird and exciting and tiring at the same time, just as I remember it being. It’s really nice being back in the states though, it’s so crazy and loud and fun here.

Lately: "What are you currently working on?"

GM: We’ve been making a record(s?) whilst at home the past 12 months or so. Who knows what it’s gonna be just yet, but there’s a whole bunch of something!

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