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Charlie Puth's "Voicenotes" Was Well Worth The Wait

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On May 11th, American singer-songwriter, Charlie Puth released his second studio album titled, "Voicenotes" after much anticipation.

The album was written, recorded, and produced all by Puth himself, and was originally supposed to come out in January. However, Puth went to Twitter stating,

"So I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I have to push the album release date. I'm producing this album all myself and with that comes a lot of work, and in my opinion, the album is not perfect yet. However, it will still come out this year, and soon."

To make up for the delayed album release, Puth did release a track from the record featuring Boys II Men, titled "If You Leave Me Now" which was more than enough to get the Charlie Puth fans going crazy.

Puth has mentioned multiple times in interviews that he wasn't proud of his debut album, "Nine Track Mind,"at all. In an interview that he did with Billboard he stated,

"Everything I didn't want to happen to me -- typical things you hear about a young kid getting signed in the music industry -- happened to me," says Puth. "I was being told to do this, this and this. I didn't want to do any of it, and I was just going along with the punches." He spent two years flogging a hit he never intended to sing -- he wrote the "See You Again" chorus for Sam Smith -- and an album he didn't believe in."

So, it is evident that Puth was eager to take on the project of the second album on his own and that he wanted it to be something that he was proud of and he sure did not disappoint! The album opens with "The Way I Am" which couldn't be a more perfect fit as it brings you into Puth's thoughts and feelings on his life in the music scene.

Following is one of Puth's most popular tracks titled, "Attention." It was previously released as a single and has over 693 million streams on Spotify. It is one of Puth's anthems and I guarantee you have heard it and most likely even jammed out to it as it played on your car's radio.

The next tracks are, "LA Girls", "How Long", and "Done For Me (Feat. Kehlani)". All three tracks are upbeat, are centered around relationships making them feel relatable.

"Patient" and "If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men)" are next and although they both have a bit of an upbeat feeling at parts (mostly "Patient"), they are some of the slower tracks on the album. "Patient" is one of the tracks that I listened to multiple times because I just absolutely loved it. Both songs begin to show Puth's vulnerable and more mature side which his first album didn't reflect much.

Track 8, "BOY" is a fan favorite. Puth's distinctive vocals really shine in the song. The bridge and the way it fades out at the end are just incredible! Also, when I first listened to the song and heard the bridge, I did not expect the chorus to sound like it does at all. It was such a cool surprise.

Following "BOY" is "Slow It Down", "Change (Feat. James Taylor)", and "Somebody Told Me." "Slow It Down" is the perfect song to listen to while driving around town with your windows down. "Change" is another lovely slow track which I feel is highly underrated because it's lyrics are absolutely beautiful, plus it features James Taylor. Lastly, "Somebody Told Me" is one of the tracks I have honestly overlooked, but as I listen to it more and more I find myself starting to love it.

Next is my favorite track on the album titled, "Empty Cups." If this song doesn't end up being a "song of the summer" we're going to have an issue. It at least deserves to be! For the past few weeks, I have been playing this song in my dorm room while hanging out with friends and almost every time somebody asks for the song name so they can add it to their playlists so it is clearly a jam.

The last song on the album is, "Through It All" which I would argue is the best-written song on the album. It again shows Puth's vulnerable and mature side and overall is just a great wrap up to an amazing album.

Charlie Puth sure knows how to write the hits as he has had many songs chart high over the past few years, but his new album, "Voicenotes" really has it all. It showcases his lyrical abilities, strong vocals, and most importantly shows an immense amount of growth as an artist. "Voicenotes" is definitely an album that Puth should be proud of and if you haven't given it a listen yet, you definitely need to!

**Charlie Puth is also on tour this summer! Check out the tour dates and purchase tickets here!**

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