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Ashnikko Brings The Demidevil Tour Night One to Chicago

Rounding out the strangest post Halloweekend week with a sold out Ashnikko show might be the only way to do it. Adorned with blue hair and knee high boots, Ashnikko, with DJ Krystal Lake on the turn tables, played a sold out show at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago. The energy on stage was matched with the energy in the room and it was infectious. Passionate fans pilled in dressed in matching sets, pigtails, glitter, and platform boots. Ashnikko took time out of the set to address the serious matter of gender based violence posing the question "Why do all my friends know 60 ways to get home safe?" before her song "Invitation". Ashnikko live is an experience like no other, her star power, stage presence, and talent is something to marvel at.

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