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Ashe Live In Minneapolis

Electro-pop indie-folk singer-songwriter Ashe brought The Fault Line Tour to Minneapolis on Sunday night. From the moment she took the stage with "Me Without You" and "I'm Fine," the crowd was in awe.

The first few songs were the perfect energy burst and Ashe's beautiful vocals shined throughout the entire First Avenue main room. The energy she brought to the stage was contagious as well as her smile. From the first song to the last it was clear that she belongs on stage and she truly loves every second of it.

The relationship Ashe has with her fans is special. The gratitude that she feels and expresses for even just being given the chance to perform is constantly visible which surprisingly is rarely seen in the music scene these days. At times Ashe herself is even taken back that the crowd is there singing her lyrics right back to her.

Highlights of the night include the performance of "Another Man's Jeans," "Till Forever Falls Apart," "Save Myself", and her latest release, "Hope You're Not Happy." Of course, the crowd didn't miss singing along a single lyric to the final song of the night, "Moral of the Story."

Overall, Ashe is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. With her infectious personality, vulnerable and personal lyrics, and gorgeous vocals, you can't help but become obsessed. During the show Ashe said, "We're going to have one of the best nights of your life tonight, I promise" and she definitely kept that promise.

Photos from the show:

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