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All Eyes on Louisville: Forecastle Festival 2022

Quite literally caught in the middle of it all, Louisville might seem like an unsuspecting hub for music. Influenced by the South and Midwest, this city breeds hardworking and diligent artists. From established and heavy weight champs like Bryson Tiller, to being a long standing second home to Hardcore bands and fans nationwide thanks to Kentucky natives Knocked Loose and all those that preceded them. Forecastle showcased hometown pride all weekend with local businesses and food carts. Between sets, Louisville locals raved about food carts like Lil' Cheezers and bands like The Homies, who opened up the festival on Friday. Sharing fun facts like the Cheezers line usually spans seemingly half a mile and their cousin went to school with a member of the band. Louisville pride rings rich and deep. Buried in a landlocked state, premonitions of the city and state may be loud. Still, Louisville is a caring and inclusive hideout for many. Forecastle is a festival of music, art, and activism. This message of joy and inclusion rings throughout the park all weekend long. Forecastle is a staple Midwestern music festival.

Check out photos from the Festival below

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